Bowling Non-Ambulatory 2020

Detailed Schedule:



Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles


TBA  - 10:00 am Doubles

               12:30 pm Doubles/Mixed Doubles

TBA - 10:00 am Singles


Spare Time, Trussville

3600 Roosevelt Blvd.

Birmingham, AL 35235


$45 per Alabama Senior Olympics Athlete

Site Fee:

Additional $10 per event


Registration will close TBA

No late registration will be allowed.

Entry Regulations:

1. Athletes may enter all three bowling events. 

2. Bowlers will complete 3 games and the total of all three games will be added together to determine final score.

3. Competitors are encouraged to provide their own bowling balls and shoes. House balls and shoes may be available at the competitor's expense.

4. Athletes may compete with only one partner per event. Under NSGA rules, doubles and mixed doubles are classified as events. Therefore, athletes may not compete in more than one age division for doubles and mixed doubles. 

5. The age division of competition for doubles will be determined by the younger age of the two partners as of December 31, 2020.

6. Athlete must be seated in their wheelchair or scooter for the entire duration of competition.

7. Athlete’s feet cannot touch the floor during competition.

8. An athlete must physically roll the ball or with the use of a ramp, as long as no one else or the chair itself helps project the ball down the lane. The athlete must be the one who impacts the energy needed for the ball to move down the lane.


Awards will be presented for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for each event within each age division. 

NSGA Qualifying Requirements:


See "2021 Qualifications" tab for adjusted guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. All non-ambulatory athletes competing at a 2020 NSGA qualifying games will qualify for the 2021 National Senior Games.

2. Athletes must qualify in each event in which they wish to compete at the 2021 National Senior Games.

3. Athletes who reside in a state that does not offer a non-ambulatory bowling event may qualify for bowling by meeting the “limited” event qualifying criteria in Rule D.



Link to NSGA Rule Book:

NSGA 2021 Rule Book